Flyover Camp needs your voice!

Sessions are the lifeblood of a Drupal camp, and we could use talks on all kinds of subjects. Some things to keep in mind before filling out the form and submitting a talk.

  • Talks will be recorded and posted on the internet unless you specifically tell us not to. This is an excellent way to get exposure to the global Drupal community!
  • The camp should have working wifi, but prepare in case it doesn't.
  • Live demos are risky, consider recording a working demo and playing it back during your talk.
  • Feel free to submit talks on technologies other than Drupal, especially if they can integrate with Drupal in some way.
  • We're also interested in non-technology talks on topics like career advancement, business management, team leadership, etc.

Session submission deadline is April 1st, 2019

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Please add a few comma-delimited descriptive tags to help us classify your session. ex: devops, beginner, headless, theming