This talk focuses on PHP code examples. It begins posing questions about basic loops, like for() and foreach(). Why are they so common? And why are loops often a trap for complex code?

We then move into defining map, filter and reduce using basic PHP code, then refactoring example loops to use these new concepts. The code gradually looks more complex, so a technique called collection pipeline is introduced.

Throughout the talk we begin seeing code with new eyes. Using concepts from literary analysis and cognitive psychology we learn why simple code is critical to building stable software that is easy to change and evolve.

The talk reaffirms how patterns like function calls and return values apply at all levels of code, from smallest of function calls all the way up the stack to HTTP API calls and even the Unix command line. Seeing and understanding this pattern is fundamental to writing simple code.

Lastly we explore how to start using these concepts in code you write tomorrow.